heroes of hellas q&a

[Post New]by readreddog on Feb 14, 10 2:41 PM
I have read the questions concerning this game and it seems that there are no answers. Perhaps some one will take pity and tell me how to skip a level? In addition if someone will give me a clue to conquering 6 - 11 perhaps I won't have tp skip


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Re:heroes of hellas q&a

[Post New]by cstdenis on Feb 16, 10 3:23 PM
Sorry readreddog, but it's been so long since I played the original HofH that I've forgotten all the levels. I do remember though that near the end, you can't really get past a level without using the heroes, especially the ones with all the hades stones (I hated those levels). Just keep using the white hero as much as possible to clear those stones and give yourself room to work.
There are some levels where you can only clear it by collecting either all red stones or all yellow stones and using the applicable hero to clear the tiles you can't reach.
Hope this helps.

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