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Underwater prison symbols/glyphs

[Post New]by ShazPG on Jul 10, 16 11:29 PM
I'm near the start of chapter 3 where I've just given the guard talisman to the black swan. The guide says to take the orchid emblem, which I've done, and to select the symbols.

I haven't come across anything that hints at what symbols need to be lit up, and when I select the ones shown in the guide, nothing happens.

Anybody have an idea what needs to be done first? I have the following items in inventory:
- crystal token
- snake totem
- bronze swan
- butterfly
- cryptex
- magnet
- decorated talisman
- orchid emblem
- winch gear

688 Posts

Re:Underwater prison symbols/glyphs

[Post New]by ShazPG on Jul 11, 16 12:15 AM
Got through it by switching back to casual mode and using the hint as soon as it charged.

The solution in the guide is NOT correct. The object of the puzzle is to press the buttons until all 8 symbols on the pillars are glowing.

The puzzle disappeared too quickly for me to see it, but I THINK the only button that was down was the one at the very top (or it was up and all the others were down).

This is the second place I've found where the guide does not reflect what's in the game. Pity they didn't check that more thoroughly.

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