Must Disagree W/No TV Advice

[Post New]by Nutty_Buddy on Jul 12, 16 6:09 AM
I have noticed that many say you don't need the TV in whichever shop in which they are offering the order in which to purchase extra equipment and upgrades. I have to say that I am floored to read that it is a waste of time to use it. Not only does the TV improve the customer's mood but causes their order to become instantly shown instead of having to wait around for them to decide. This lets you get the correct cake or flower being created more quickly, also sending the customer out the door more quickly so another can enter and so on. In both the flower shop and bakery, I've had many levels that I not only exceeded the "Super Star" goal but at least doubled that amount. It helps that I add the over-night cake or flower display as soon as possible. Before grabbing the last money from the counter, if it's the bakery & have the three slot display, I make three of the three layer cakes and top them before sliding them into the display. No matter how early in the game, your first few customers will buy them, spending WAY more than they would have otherwise. The same goes for flowers. I make three flower bouquets with ribbon and a decoration. They occasionally don't all sell, but you don't lose anything to hold it over again.

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