Prequel to this game?

[Post New]by Happy_Ours1 on Jul 12, 16 5:25 PM
Hi there,

I have read some of the threads about this game, 'Delicious Emily', and there was mention of another Angela game that preceeded this one.

I have tried two of the 'Emily' games and found them somewhat boring on many levels.

I really like this game and wondered if anyone knew the name of the game that preceeded this one that featured Angela. I put in 'Angela' and the only game that came up was this one.

Does anyone know if there is going to be a follow-up to this game?

Thank you for your time,


Re:Prequel to this game?

[Post New]by igottapaydafish on Aug 15, 16 1:31 AM

The prequel to this game is Fabulous: Angela's Sweet Revenge. I think it is only available as a mobile app.


Re:Prequel to this game?

[Post New]by abengalcatlover on Aug 23, 16 10:05 PM
Another site had this it is just a few levels. It has to do with cheating husband. Not sure if they will let me put **** site or not. I think it is the site that made this game. It was a free download with pc.

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