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Flower inset

[Post New]by IAMADOL on Jul 13, 16 7:47 AM
I'm afraid to ask because it's probably something simple I've over looked. But I'm at the very beginning of the game. There is a desk with an inset needed of flowers and a watering can? It has something to do with the watch. I've pulled the nails from the watch..But where are the insets? Help please!

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Re:Flower inset

[Post New]by Chrikijay on Sep 26, 16 1:20 PM
If you are still trying; I had the same problem and got frustrated, nothing seemed to work including help from big fish. I restarted the game on the easiest and when I got into the factory; I started using 'hint' frequently and that gave me the step by step I needed to get beyond the point in the game that wouldn't allow me to move on.
You can change your game option after that point and have no problem with the rest of the game.

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