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My two biggest grouches about this game

[Post New]by nwl43 on Jul 14, 16 1:58 PM
I really have enjoyed this game. However I wish they had fixed the problem with resources disappearing if you hit replay too soon. Had all my achievements except for one artifact and apparently lost my one bronze and had to start over under a new profile.

I may be mistaken. If so tell me how to do this correctly. I would open a level and see that I was going to need a lot of some resource or the help of one of the portions. The only way to get back to the backpack to choose appropriate artifacts and potions was to close, go to backpack and then reopen the level. Seems like it would have been an easy fix to allow you access to the backpack with the level open.

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Re:My two biggest grouches about this game

[Post New]by Hespera on Jul 14, 16 4:46 PM
Totally agree! Since refilling the potions are limited, I waited to see what was required of the level as to what equipped artifacts -vs- potions were needed.

However, I will say that during the first play through, I found I really didn't need any of the potions until the last chapter. The healing potion doesn't work anyway (don't know if anyone else has noticed this).

The really important equipped artifacts (for me) were the Chief's Hat (reducing cost of repairs & upgrades), Shoulder Brace (you get everything back when you destroy a building, including lumber and mana), Leader Amulet (increases bonus time by 20%), Agronomist's Book (increases food production - it takes longer than anything else), Wind Belt (increases worker's work speed), Winged Sandals (increases workers movement speed).

If you can move fast, have bonuses last longer, get everything back when you destroy a building, and reduce the cost of building and upgrading and move like lightening, you've already won half the battle. The birds don't bother me 'cause I was so used to the ghosts in the other games. I can build and tear down really fast if the workers move fast. But I may need the wood and iron potions if I need great numbers of those items.

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