Do the birds ever stop?

[Post New]by OrionsRose on Jul 16, 16 12:24 AM
I wanted to love this game but I'm just about in tears trying to cope with the darn birds that seem to never stop, level after level.
They are distracting and annoying at best (in levels where you can build scarecrows and then ignore them as best you can) and anger-and-pain inducing at worst. You can hardly get anything done or figure out a strategy because all you have time to think about is the birds.
Why do the devs ignore us when we beg them to stop putting in things we have to click incessantly? The ghosts in previous Moai games were bad enough but there were limits to them and they usually ended after awhile but these birds just keep coming.
I'm at level 26 or 29 (I just got back to the coast). Please tell me there's an end in sight!

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Re:Do the birds ever stop?

[Post New]by Hespera on Jul 16, 16 10:07 AM
Honestly, I like the challenges presented. There are so few challenging games left. and there's a relaxed mode. Since the first Moai game, there's always been clicking. In this one, there are options:

a) use the shields
b) build the scarecrows quickly - even if there are levels to them, as soon as you make the first level, they stop the birds. (turn down the volume, tho)
c) use the slingshot (only requires one click)
d) if there's that much pain involved, don't play the game (I'm saying this sympathetically, not sarcastically)

The birds don't go underwater, tho. So they pretty much disappear after the second chapter. - or is it the third?

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Re:Do the birds ever stop?

[Post New]by OrionsRose on Jul 16, 16 12:43 PM
I like the challenges too and I play all of these kinds of games for the enjoyable challenge, it's just the incessant clicking I hate. Lots of us play games as a part of our pain management so adding to that pain seems counter-productive and we've tried to get devs to see that. They don't need all the clicking to still have made a wonderful and challenging game.

I've been using the shields and scarecrows as much as possible (and yes, I have the volume turned down, thankfully! LOL) but I had forgotten about the slingshot or maybe I don't have that yet. I'll try that, thank you. And I'll gratefully look forward to the underwater levels.

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