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Love the game, very well thought out, best presentation of a new game that I've ever seen (trust me seen many). Been playing for two (2) days not bored with it,lol
only thing I can't figure out is ,how do you use the dragons I play in the relaxed mode,are the dragons only for the timed mode?????
I believe I have a very beautiful garden, which by the way is a big PLUS for the game. I have taken pics of it but where are they for me to look at or to show it off to other players?

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[Post New]by dmekersa on Feb 18, 10 1:39 AM
The dragons are not useful for the relaxed mode, except the Green one, because it makes you earn more money.
To share the pictures, I'm not sure BFG allow us to post links in the forum... but the best way should be to create a Flicker account and share the pics.

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[Post New]by Genet1770 on Feb 19, 10 4:47 PM
I love this game too beauty and peace and a most relaxing environment. I believe links are okay to share via pm's, if that helps.

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