Help! Level 49?

[Post New]by Nuby8588 on Jul 17, 16 3:27 AM
I can't unlock the next level (level 50 I think) because I need more stars. I only have one level left to gain a star and I cannot for the life of me complete it! I think it is level 49. I need to collect 25 honey, 5 cheesecakes, 6 cows and only use the car 3 times. There is about 2.5 minutes to complete it all. No matter how I try and play it, I'm barely halfway through when I run out of time! Does anyone have a strategy for me to follow? I'm getting so frustrated and bored. Thank you.

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Re:Help! Level 49?

[Post New]by JayceeAZ64 on Jul 17, 16 9:54 AM
I saved up a LOT of keys and used them for extra time.


Re:Help! Level 49?

[Post New]by AnnMarieL6 on Nov 21, 16 11:32 PM
I got passed this level by, buying 5 more cows and 3 more bees, sell 3 cows, the chicken and the pig straight away, then sell the other 3 cows as soon as you get the 5 milk that you need
Hope this helps

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