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Tips and Tricks for Fashionista

[Post New]by bfgErie on Oct 7, 08 5:43 PM
Earn Money First – You can use a lot of the same outfits over an over again without penalty. So, focus on earning money to gain upgrades before you spend a lot of money shopping for outfits.

Trail and Error – A lot of the advice from Lilly Chan can be rather vague, “Flat Top Shoes” for instance (I found that the checkered shoes worked once I purchased those). You may have to try out several items before you find the piece that she is looking for.

Keep Good Notes – I wrote down notes based on Lilly Chan’s newsletter before the photo shoot. This saved me from going back and forth from my PDA and to the studio.

These are just a few tips for Fashionista. If you have some tips of you own please feel free to post them here.


Re:Tips and Tricks for Fashionista

[Post New]by egrain on Dec 22, 08 4:15 PM
How do you I try out several pieces to find what she is looking for? Also, How do I get a second office? Do I need a certain amount of money?

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