More Patient People

[Post New]by Keshaluver85236 on Feb 18, 10 2:08 PM
You should make the people in the game more patient while waiting for their ice cream or whatever it is. It is really annoying!


Re:More Patient People

[Post New]by edenrivers on Aug 28, 10 2:42 PM
This game sucks! The people are too impatient, there aren't enough doughnut bribes, or ways to improve the character to make her faster or more efficient. There's no way to win this game!

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Re:More Patient People

[Post New]by ducle on Aug 28, 10 3:29 PM
Agreed, this is the most annoying, exasperating, and stupid TM game I've ever played. The characters are silly and pointless,and the fact that you get so penalized for one simple mistake that you can never catch up, make this not worth playing. The developer should pay US for our aggravation and waste of our time.

I've been waiting a long time to say this. Feel better now.

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Re:More Patient People

[Post New]by janetann1960 on Jun 25, 13 5:52 AM
This had the potential of being my fav game till I got to the later levels. I agree with the above posts...the people are too impatient to make the game enjoyable. Love TM games and enjoy a bit of challenge, but making it so difficult that it borders on impossible was a huge mistake. Have read every tip in the forums, but can't even get close to completing the slick floor level. I'm done. Chalking this one up to a disappointing waste of money.

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