Need New Friends

[Post New]by donna_lee2004 on Jul 19, 16 6:04 AM
Hi, I'm looking for friends that actually play the game and willing to re gift.
Most of my friends have become inactive, probably because the game has gotten
so repetitive and no advancement seems to be forthcoming. But I'm addicted to the this stupid game, lol, so I continue to play usually everyday for an hour or two.

So if anyone is looking for a new friend to add please send me a friend request.

My friend code is 76753


Donna from Manitoba Canada

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Re:Need New Friends

[Post New]by Pixie1313 on Jul 19, 16 8:12 AM
Hi Donna,

I will send you an invite, I am Pixie 590435.

I gift if I have the items on your wish list. I play MC everyday currently. If that changes I will put a message on my avatar

Love and Peace
Pixie xx (from Yorkshire England)

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Re:Need New Friends

[Post New]by debra1290 on Jul 19, 16 8:47 AM
Hello Donna,
I also sent you an invite. A lot of my friends have also quit playing the game. I play every day and gift every day. I hope you except my invitation and lets game on.

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Re:Need New Friends

[Post New]by LvlSlgr on Jul 19, 16 9:04 AM
Will send you an invitation. I can always use another friend at my party in the castle.

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