Full Screen Isn't Full

[Post New]by paganagnostic on Nov 7, 07 2:23 PM
I'm running on XP, and the game doesn't open as full screen. When I go to Options, full screen is on. When I turn it off, it simply shifts the game to another portion of the screen. When I turn it back on, it returns it to the upper left corner. (Fills about two-thirds of screen, with wide strips at right and bottom that are the normal desktop.)

Any ideas?

Great game so far, though!


Re: Full Screen Isn't Full

[Post New]by kilwagg on Nov 7, 07 2:33 PM
I have the same issue. And I can't make it through the entire first level- it keeps showing that I have 10 things left to find at the enterance, when i have already found them all.


Re: Full Screen Isn't Full

[Post New]by BFG_RJ on Nov 7, 07 2:35 PM

We have seen only a handful of issues like this, and it appears to be related to the video card or direct x version you are running on your machine.

If you could follow these steps and submit a ticket through our support pages, we can take a look at it.

1. Click the Windows 'start' icon followed by 'run' ('command prompt' using Vista)
2. Type 'dxdiag' and click 'OK.'
3. A box will appear with several options on the bottom, click 'save all information' and close.
4. Include this saved file (usually will save to your desktop as a text file) as an attachment or copy and paste the saved file into your reply.

When you submit your support ticket, just attached that file to the request. As these Direct X diagnostics are very large, please do not paste it directly to the forums.

Kilwagg: Under the game tips forum a few hints on how to get past the first level and get those other 10 items.

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Re: Full Screen Isn't Full

[Post New]by MargieB on Nov 7, 07 2:48 PM
I have the same problem on my PC, I just keep tapping the box until it goes back to full, 5 or 6 clicks in a row should do it.

Margie B


Re:Full Screen Isn't Full

[Post New]by Stargazer649 on Mar 21, 11 2:04 PM
Game remains small and the box that should enlarge to full screen does not work.
It appears shaded out.
Any ideas?

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