Anyone else?

[Post New]by ishypooh on Feb 19, 10 4:18 AM
I love Dash games.... but did anyone else think this game was super easy?? In past diner dash games i would occasionally hit levels that i would have to repeat to find the right strategy to pass... That wasn't the case for this one.. I flew right through it?? Kinda left me with a that's it...feeling..

Maybe its just me

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Re:Anyone else?

[Post New]by sipason on Feb 19, 10 5:39 AM
Indeed, this game is easier than other Diner Dash games.

Most of impatient and noisy customers are introduced lately except businesswomen.
Furthermore, we can silence customers by placing Librarians properly!

Perfect table matching brought a huge score inflation even without the desserts. This was really bad idea.
(I think the endless shift became unavailable because of this)

We can prevent natural disasters by upgrades, and those upgrades were too cheap. We can purchase all upgrades before 3~4 (even 5) levels from the end of section.
(Fully upgraded podium and menu reader are game breakers)

At least Dinertown University and Flo's Diner Bonus levels are quite challenging.
(I think the former one is not hard, but impossible to get expert)

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Re:Anyone else?

[Post New]by govegril on Feb 19, 10 6:33 AM
It seems to be a trend for all games and Playfirst in particular seem to be going down that route.
Probably part of this facebook thing and appealling to the social players and that is now their target market.

Gone are the great dash games I would say.

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Re:Anyone else?

[Post New]by lilclerk on Feb 20, 10 4:19 AM
I've gotta agree, Diner Dash games were always my favorite time management games because they're actually challenging and they have a lot of replay value because of that.

Diner Dash 5, not so much. I've already beaten every level on expert, except the Dinertown U bonus level. /shrug

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Re:Anyone else?

[Post New]by Pippin1978 on Feb 22, 10 8:04 AM
Definitely the easiest one so far. Color match ups are too perfect at every table. While it's still FUN, expert comes too easily on every level, except the Dinertown University BONUS level, which HAS to be a score glitch.

Here's how I made it more difficult for myself.... LIMIT what upgrades you buy. Play it having to use ALL your own skills. DON'T put the girl at the podium, for example. With her there, it's a walk in the park.

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Re:Anyone else?

[Post New]by TKincaidIN on Feb 22, 10 10:17 AM
I am so glad I am not the only one that thought this game was to easy. I finished it all in one day. Kind of sorry I spent that much money on it. But I LOVE all of the DD games and had no idea this one would be so very very easy.


Re:Anyone else?

[Post New]by kimberglass on Feb 22, 10 11:13 AM
yes this game was so easy. i was a little disappointed with how easy it was. the color matches alone will give you expert points, the patrons order and eat so quickly that there is no time for them to get angry, etc. and i agree that many of the new games are really easy lately. even hotel dash was way too easy.

with all that being said, i still loved this game and am glad anytime there is a new dash game!


Re:Anyone else?

[Post New]by medea_argos on Feb 23, 10 5:15 PM
I thought it was super easy, I achieved expert first time through on all levels.
That being said...I do really love Diner Dash & was glad to play a new game by them instead of replaying the old games.
I wish it was either harder or longer since I solved it in 1 day.


Re:Anyone else?

[Post New]by sheryl1252 on Nov 1, 10 10:44 PM
Wow you thought it was easy? Not that it is hard but level 20 has me going crazy. I just can't pass it and I thought I was the "diner dash queen" lol... If anyone has any suggestions please help. Thank you

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