FGM isnt helping me!

[Post New]by yigdady on Feb 19, 10 10:40 AM
For some reason the FGM wont come save me from my loans, all I get is told to go to the loan shark but I cant when Im in the hole all ready or borrowed all I can... am I being a dufus somehow and missing something?


Re:FGM isnt helping me!

[Post New]by yigdady on Feb 19, 10 1:15 PM
Maybe Im not asking this question correctly... just when exactly and how does the fairy godmother bail you out? If your loans are maxed out and you are in the negative what triggers her to help you? I just seem to get stuck starting over

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Re:FGM isnt helping me!

[Post New]by johny7800 on Mar 13, 10 5:52 AM
For her to bail you out you need to no matter what you do you can't get you money above negative. (ex. You at -3000 if you loan from the loan shark so now your at -1500 then you lower all your funding and sell all your goons but your still at -100 so you can't play anymore but the computer does all of this math in a second and the she pays off you loan.)

P.S. She only does this once per level and then you have to restart the level.

P.P.S. I'm a guy and I love this game so it isn't just for girls.

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