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A Lot to be Desired

[Post New]by Avaloyuru on Jul 20, 16 1:08 PM
The greater majority of the games I buy at Big Fish are the M3 and my total favorite at this time is Throne of Olympus. Watching the (very) brief clip of the game before I downloaded Quest of the Sorceress, I thought I found another really great game. I realize this particular game was free because it was purchased via credits regardless it was not up to par. Even with the flashy graphics, there are no instructions what so ever. There are a lot of things happening on the screen that I have no idea what they mean or why they happened. Like being surrounded by a glowing circle or suddenly being encased in what appears to be a rock. At one point I got message telling me to make the green dots to rebuild my stamina and the grayish dots to build up for casting a spell. Doing neither works every time and I have not gotten any other messages since. Even though this is an M3 game, I had hoped for competition or a challenge at least. There is no way to even strategize this game. Not fun at all, very disappointed

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