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bonus chapter

[Post New]by subcaptain on Jul 21, 16 8:15 PM
Has anyone played the bonus chapter with the map showing there are collectables in some of the areas. I've finished the main game and so far all 3 areas in the beginning of the bonus chapter the map shows a collectable in each scene. Am I missing something? My finger is sore from clicking EVERYTHING.

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Re:bonus chapter

[Post New]by Chrisppp on Aug 12, 16 12:02 PM
Wondering the same thing myself! Are they really there?


Re:bonus chapter collectibles

[Post New]by quichelorraine63 on Oct 7, 16 5:47 PM
I don't think there are collectibles. I show the ring for them also, but when I complete the task in that location the ring disappears. I could not get the exclamation mark to work throughout the main chapter. Maybe a glitch?

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