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Pick Up or Drag?

[Post New]by bribling on Jul 22, 16 5:09 PM
I had a lot of trouble with the Demo. Some items can be picked up and some must be dragged and I cannot tell which is which. First I try to Pick Up and cannot do it so then I try to Drag and always drop the item before I can Drag it to where it needs to go so I try to pick it up or vice versa. I wasted a good amount of time in the Demo just trying to Pick Up or Drag something.

This is a favorite series for me and I really wanted to play it and was happy to see it but I got so frustrated in the Demo with the "Pick Up or Drag" as well as some fuzzy graphics that I am going to have to Pass on this game unless I can get it in a "2 for 1" sale and even then, I may pass because of the frustration with the game mechanics. (WIN 7 Home, PC Laptop with mouse)

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Re:Pick Up or Drag?

[Post New]by subcaptain on Jul 23, 16 5:10 AM
hey bribling. is the trouble in a HOP ? Or during game play?

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