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last keys on first level

[Post New]by pineo on Jul 24, 16 10:15 AM
I am having trouble getting the keys on Levels 103 and 104 in the first world. Any suggestions?


Re:last keys on first level

[Post New]by Fred_just_Fred on Jul 25, 16 11:41 AM
I assume that you need to complete levels 103 and 104 to get the keys. If that is the case:

Level 103
Load the Rocket Red Glare BEFORE pushing the start button. After entering the level, use a Fire Burst boost to destroy the mana. Click on the boost and then the mana to use it. Try to match a rocket with a bomb. If not possible, match it with an element of the same color of the elements in the outside bottom row if you can't get them any other way. They are the hardest to get. Use hammers, if necessary, to get the last elements.

Level 104
After entering the level, use the Wave boost on the bottom three rows. This will give you a great head start. Destroy the remaining elements and use the hammer, if necessary.

Good Luck.

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