Level 6 - Kyoto - how to finish?

[Post New]by aprilbuttons on Jul 24, 16 11:45 AM
I have played this for an hr now - all the squares are not coloured, but 3 of them I can't get on to clear. Has anyone any ideas pls?

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Re:Level 6 - Kyoto - how to finish?

[Post New]by thistle809 on Aug 29, 16 7:09 AM
I have the same issue. It's one of those "conveyor" levels and it seems like the one single conveyor link on the left side of the screen is not functioning and nothing is dropping into a few of the squares.

I'm going to send a request for help to Customer Support and if they cannot come up with a solution, I'm going to ask for coupon to get a replacement game.

Update: When I went back into the game in order to play the level to the point where it had "hung up" before, it actually worked! Yea! It does appear to have a bit of a glitch there, but simply restarting the level may work for everyone.

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