workshop combination padlock

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doesnt anyone know where the combination is


Re:workshop combination padlock

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There are a couple of clues to the padlock but they need some detective work. The first is in the birthday card in Rhiannon's room where her Dad tells her that she also has the 'key' to his workshop. The second clue comes when you try to leave Rhiannon's room at the start of chapter 2. A leaflet on the door points you to look at the MP3 player where you will find the answer. In order to get the combination from the MP3 player, you must first pick it up from the study (office) on the ground floor (it is by the printer) and put it on the charger on the desk in the same room. If you haven't done this already, you'll need to leave the room and re-enter for the MP3 player to become charged. On the charged MP3 player, scroll to the song 'Rhiannon' by Fleetwood Mac and check out the length of the song for a 4 digit number.

Please note that if you are playing the full game from a save you made in the trial version, we have found a problem that stops you completing the game. Our only solution at the moment is to ask you to start a new game otherwise any items you try to pick up will not go into inventory as they should. Once you start again, any subsequent saves will work fine and the game will continue ok. But don't go back to any saves that were created from the trial.

My sincere apologies for this - we are working on a better solution for those that have yet to try out the trial.

I hope you enjoy playing the rest of Rhiannon.

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