Petrol vs oil help!

[Post New]by firechild27 on Feb 21, 10 10:14 PM
Oh, dear Lord, someone help! I'm soooo lost on the whole freaking 20:1 petrol/oil thing! I SUCK at anything that has to do with math or units or fractions get the point. The blog walkthrough is not that clear and I don't want to buy the guide cause I usually try to figure these things out on my own. But I'm stuck and about ready to ram my head into the wall. ANY help that be beamed my way?


Re:Petrol vs oil help!

[Post New]by kazkaz1957 on Feb 22, 10 4:30 AM
Hi firechild

Don't worry, help is at hand

I'm assuming you've got the measuring jug - let me know if not.

Take the cap off the top of the grasscutter - that's the black one on top of the grey tank. Put your jug under the oil tank and click once to take 1 measure of oil. Put that into the grasscutter as the oil must go in first.

Now put your jug under the petrol (gas) tank and click twice. That gives you 8 measures of petrol (if you check the jug you'll see that you get more petrol than oil with each click). Put the petrol in the grasscutter.

Again take 8 measures of petrol (2 clicks) and put that into the grasscutter.

Finally take 4 measures of petrol (1 click) and put that into the grasscutter.

If you add them up you've now put 1 measure of oil and 20 measures of petrol into the machine. (20:1)

Now click the place where the cap goes back on the grasscutter and then click the cord (the black handle just behind the grey tank). That should start the grasscutter and send it to your inventory.

If by any chance you are unable to take the measuring jug from the shelf, it's because you haven't yet seen where you need to use the grasscutter i.e. on the long weeds in front of the barn at the top of the woodland path.

Hope this helps
Arberth Studios


Re:Petrol vs oil help!

[Post New]by firechild27 on Feb 22, 10 3:19 PM
Got it! It works now, thank you for your detailed advice, it helped! You're my favorite person today.

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