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standing stone fire

[Post New]by pjplanner on Feb 22, 10 3:42 AM
Have found all the symbols and twigs but the foal has disappeared from
my inventory so I can't put it in the fire with the twig. Is this another bug or am I missing something


Re:standing stone fire

[Post New]by kazkaz1957 on Feb 22, 10 4:07 AM
Hi pjplanner

Is it possible that the foal is in your inventory but you need to scroll left or right to find it? If you know it was in your inventory at some point, I don't think it could go missing unless you have already added it to the fire under the standing stone with the correct twig.

The best thing to do if you haven't already solved it is to send me a saved game from where you are at the moment. So save the game first. Saves are stored in 'MyDocuments/RhiannonBigFish and the save we need is the one with the highest number. Send it to info@arberthstudios.com and we'll test it.

Don't worry, we should be able to sort it out for you.

Arberth Studios

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