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Mystery of the Persian Carpet for the Mac

[Post New]by RyeMcLaughlin on Feb 22, 10 6:33 AM
I just tried about 15 minutes of the game, but first I had to spend quite a while to get the screen resolution to work properly. There are 9 (?) choices and you have to quit and restart the game each time. After the first couple, I had to start over and write notes with each choice as none were great.

The game might be interesting, but the music is irritating, the hidden objects were either completely obvious (in the tutorial levels) or impossible to see (in the first garden level). If the cursor goes to close to the edge of the screen the game minimizes into the dock. That might be useful if you were playing along with a walkthrough, but if a game is so difficult that it is assumed that you will require a walkthrough, then it's too much like work for me.

I like the theory of the game play, with hidden objects to put together and examine for clues, and so far the objects are all appropriate for the time and place. (Hidden Spoiler) However in the first scene, there is a painting that has been covered with "water colours". You have to wash off the painting to find one underneath.Watercolors are translucent. You could never use them to cover up an oil painting. Acrylics maybe, but they hadn't been invented yet. Not critical, but if you are trying to be accurate with the setting, do it completely.

I won't be even finishing the demo of this one. Pity.

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