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[Post New]by zobitsa on Feb 22, 10 8:54 AM
Can I run this game in Full Screen mode? If so, how do I get it back from the smaller screen I have now?


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Re:Full Screen

[Post New]by loonylimey on Feb 22, 10 9:06 AM
I was wondering that myself. Maybe, since it seems to be an older game, that will not be possible.


Re:Full Screen

[Post New]by kazkaz1957 on Feb 22, 10 9:11 AM

Yes the game will run in widescreen. There is an options menu that pops up before the game starts. If you uncheck 'maintain aspect ratio' it will fill your screen. However, as the game was not intended for widescreen, the images will be slightly stretched.

You can't unfortunately change to full screen mid-game. You'll need to save your game and quit. Then restart and load your save after you've unchecked the box on the options.

Hope this helps

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