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Your comments and reviews for Travels With Gulliver

[Post New]by bfgZambezi on Feb 22, 10 9:17 AM
Hey Fishies!

What do you think of Travels With Gulliver? We value your reviews, as do many of the other fishies in our pond, so feel free to post your comments and reviews in this thread! Remember, a lot of people who will be reading this thread will have never played the game before. If you are posting spoilers, be sure to include SPOILER ALERT at the top of your post.

Happy gaming!

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Re:Your comments and reviews for Travels With Gulliver

[Post New]by carolinacat on Feb 22, 10 10:02 AM
I didn't care for it. It might be good for children but it's too childish for me.

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Re:Your comments and reviews for Travels With Gulliver

[Post New]by Fransje66 on Feb 22, 10 10:48 AM
Not bad for a start.
Still under Investigation.

But: did NOT find it in the All games Forum on my Laptop.

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Re:Your comments and reviews for Travels With Gulliver

[Post New]by SublimeOne on Feb 22, 10 3:17 PM
I love all kinds of match 3 games but this one isn't nearly as good as many others out there.

For starters, the pieces fall too slowly. When you click on a chain, it takes time for all the other pieces to fall into the empty places. It's not an issue of computer speed because the rest of the game moves just fine (as do all my other games) but it's just the way this game was designed. For me, that's a deal breaker.

I didn't understand why most of the bonuses (like the bomb, etc.) went away after only using one of them. I used a bomb on a level just to see what would happen and all my bonuses went away except the hammer. That seems like an unnecessary penalty to me and it certainly isn't how most games are done.

There were also no additional levels to the bonuses. Just 4 and they stayed the same as far as I played. And the levels never really varied much. The usual locking of tiles but nothing new here.

As well, I didn't like having the journal open after every level. Lots of unnecessary clicking to do. It would have been better, IMO, to just make the journal available to those who like to read the story part of games.

Also, the only relief from matching is a very simple jigsaw puzzle at the end of each location. Well done, but it isn't very exciting.

In fact, I found the whole game rather dull. I actually started to semi-doze a bit. You know, where you find your eyes closing and your head nodding a bit but you are still awake? Definitely NOT a positive endorsement for a game.

Basically this is an old-style match 3 that "borrows" from many other games but doesn't do it particularly well. The graphics are good, the music harmless and there's lots of story if you like that sort of thing.

IMO, you'd be better off actually reading Gullivers Travels than playing this game.

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Re:Your comments and reviews for Travels With Gulliver

[Post New]by kdubs on Feb 22, 10 3:56 PM
Gulliver seems a very zen-like match-3, at least during the first hour. The colors are pretty and if you're inclined, you can read the story too. The only puzzles i ran into were jigsaw, very simple. During my trial, the simplistic boards alternated between chain and group, no sign of any board using swap. You don't get to pick chain or group, but you can at least choose to play timed or untimed.
I favor challenging match-3's with big boards that take a while. Think Lost in Reefs, Deep Blue Sea, and Call of Atlantis.
So, much as i enjoyed my hour of the zen-like play of Gulliver, for me it would grow old too quickly. On the other hand, for someone new to match-3's or someone who just wants to relax, this game might be perfect.

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Re:Your comments and reviews for Travels With Gulliver

[Post New]by RainbowElf on Feb 22, 10 6:06 PM
I loved the hour trial but like kdubs said I think it would get old very quickly.

Maybe if the ports had different mini-games it would be a bit better but as it is only jigsaw it sort of becomes monotonous.

Also when doing the jigsaw it gets irritating that all of the pieces are in the playing area, surely they could of had them on the outside?!

Nice simplistic game with upbeat music (which could get annoying rapidly) and a nice premise to the game, but like it has been said already, one for the beginners or the players who want to relax.

Maybe players with children could play this with them in order to get them to read a classic. Remember reading does not just have to be books it can be almost anything, but as this incorporates game and book what more could you ask for?!

I liked the hour but would not want to spend money on it, I have too many games like this already.

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Re:Your comments and reviews for Travels With Gulliver

[Post New]by cjathome on Feb 22, 10 11:18 PM
HUGE SNORE>>>>>>>Boring! Don't waste your time.

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Re:Your comments and reviews for Travels With Gulliver

[Post New]by Eisteepfirsich on Feb 23, 10 7:36 AM
I like the game and tend to buy it. Well done, !


Re:Your comments and reviews for Travels With Gulliver

[Post New]by kate_games on Feb 23, 10 1:48 PM
Thanks to everyone for playing the game and taking the time to comment. Gulliver is our first game , so we're glad to hear your ideas and we'll take them into account in Blue Footed's next effort.

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Re:Your comments and reviews for Travels With Gulliver

[Post New]by AmyCT on Feb 26, 10 8:41 AM
I congratulate the producers as they said this is their first game, so on that note, not bad.
Overall I give this a B. I think it is too easy for those who are match3 lovers.
The basics are there...but I would recommend:
1:When you say "no hints" that to me means stop the little jiggle of the tiles if a few seconds goes by. If one wants to plan a move, those are frustrating. I think you meant "no tutorial", as that is what was skipped.
2: I too, like the swap mode... and while I don't mind that you choose, I think 3 modes would be nice.
3: In the pop-3 mode, don't have the chains jiggle just by placing the cursor on them... too easy. Perhaps you need an easy and a harder option... harder without this jiggle and without the hint mentioned above.
4: Vary the puzzles in between chapters or make the jigsaw puzzles have more pieces, or this could be timed...

I DO like the fact that one can compare each level with previous times played...
And the graphics are nice...

I just skipped the story.... not a big deal to just read a book.

As others have said this is a good starter match3, or just to relax, but I am not purchasing it for the full price as it is just not enough challenge or interest for me.

Keep trying though, this is a good start.


Re:Your comments and reviews for Travels With Gulliver

[Post New]by kate_games on Feb 28, 10 3:34 PM
Thanks to everyone who has given the game a try. Just to let you know, you can keep right on playing while the tiles drop. Also, puzzles add pieces and get harder as the game goes on.

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Re:Your comments and reviews for Travels With Gulliver

[Post New]by Dianeteacher on Mar 25, 11 5:15 AM
Sorry to say, fisheeees, but I disagree with your negative comments about this game. Has anyone played Heroes of Hella? This game is almost like it.

So, while I am waiting for Heroes 3, I will play this game.

Lilliputian - Diane

See you around the pond...

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Re:Your comments and reviews for Travels With Gulliver

[Post New]by CLEMONSTWAIN on Jun 13, 11 7:45 AM
I played the full hour because I wanted to form my own opinion. If you like M3's this will fall into a fun basic game. Ideal for the kids this summer. A little quiet time at the computer with an enjoyable piece of literature.
I appreciate Kate reading the boards and offering input.
I downloaded the trial because of all the negative reviews. I think expectations sometimes run too high especially on a first offering.
Kate, you may not have hit a homerun but it's a good hit. No strike out here.
My suggestion is to "give it a try."


Re:Your comments and reviews for Travels With Gulliver

[Post New]by ajack33893 on Jun 20, 11 4:06 PM
I don't like it. I thought it was a Hidden Object game, so guess I need to pay more attention next time to what I am getting. Wasted a game credit on it. Find it boring.

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Re:Your comments and reviews for Travels With Gulliver

[Post New]by LadyWyntre on Jun 27, 11 9:24 AM
I like a good match 3 to "zen" out to while doing other things--like while thinking about something more serious or watching (listening to?) TV. For this, the game was good.

I like H0Gs and Adventure games, but the Match 3 games serve a different purpose for me. The gameplay on this variant is deceptively simple but consistent, and the pop levels offer some variety to the chain levels.

My one mild criticism: I want to know when this game ends. I miss having a very clear trail (Oh, look, I'm 80 percent of the way through the game, as evidenced by this map).

The interwoven stories are an interesting, low-budget narrative tactic. The abridged Gulliver's Travels tale is actually nice to have, as the book itself proved to be a fairly dull read for me in my younger days. Doled out in small doses, however, it's manageable and interesting. However, the more modern story was trite and simplistic; one could see the villain of the piece from almost the first vignette.

If it pops around for $2.99 again, I recommend it if one devours match 3 style play.

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