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Does amyone play Puzzle Quest anymore?

[Post New]by Avaloyuru on Jul 26, 16 8:25 PM
I've never played D&D but I have a few friends that used to play. It's the only reason I halfway understand some of this game. Especially when it comes to the pros and cons in selecting gear and spells, etc. I love the concept of having an opponent in an M3 game, which is what 99% of the games I play. I read a few posts where players feel that the game is weighted against the player and I do agree, it's that way with ALL of the Big Fish Games in my opinion. It's kind of why I stopped playing everything but the M3 games but I really like this one in spite of the odds against my character. I realize that most of the games I get from Big Fish are the ones paid for with games credits which means they're technically free, but I really wish the creators of these games would provide more instructions on how to play the games.

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