Halloween Party

[Post New]by jbiggiediva on Feb 23, 10 7:22 AM
Is there anything special here that I need to do? I've talked to everyone, but I'm afraid I'm missing something.


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[Post New]by aislingyngaio on Feb 23, 10 7:42 AM
There's no Halloween in TLO.


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[Post New]by songsmith2003 on Feb 23, 10 8:55 AM
Are you thinking of Gates of Night?

If so, there's a basket of candy in the middle of the village. You can have Edward give one of the ladies a piece for an attraction point.

***SPOILER (highlight to see)****

Also, make sure you visit Hepititus's house and take the quarter key on the table.


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[Post New]by veronique875 on Feb 23, 10 9:38 AM
I believe she is talking of the costume/house warming party; which has some similarities to a Halloween party considering who is giving it.

There is nothing particular to DO there, except pick up a couple of ingredients which may or may not be used in experimental recipes and also to change the leader so you can see all the responses.

Some of the comments seem to shed some light on Mel.


Re:Halloween Party

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