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[Post New]by momeese on Jul 28, 16 4:01 PM
just started playing Dark Tales Edgar Allan poe metzengerstien....Gr8 game so far
Im stuck on the silly scare crow.I just can't figure out how to get the lighter.. no matter how many hints I use its the samething but asking for a code??? sure has me puzzled!!!!

please help me out



[Post New]by CherylParker on Jul 29, 16 1:31 PM
Take light key from gate. Zoom into the plaque to get that. Get lighter gear from door. Get plunger from window. Get lighter cap from porch next to the book. Place the light key. Grab the scissor part. Then zoom out. A purple fog will appear. Zoom into the gate and take a picture of the guy in mask. This will give you a code to get the syringe from the scarecrow. You also need to get the lighter pack from the scarecrow's head. Put syringe and plunger together. From inventory zoom into the lighter pack and touch it 3 times. Place all those items by the lighter. Use syringe on the lighter fluid. Empty syringe into the lighter pack. Insert that into the lighter. Then put the gear in then put the cap on. You should be able to get the lighter now.
Good luck.

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