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Samantha Rose - Tibet - Hieroglyphics Puzzle Problem

[Post New]by jolly1 on Oct 8, 08 10:38 PM
In that puzzle, we find out that if you paint the first row of wheels yellow, red, then blue, then yellow and blue change to green when they are spinning. Under the 3 rows of wheels (2 of which are covered by a panel), is a row of hieroglyphics that Samantha wants me to re-do so that all of the wheels will turn green.

Has anyone gotten through this one? Also, when do the other 2 panels open? Thanks a bunch!


Re:Samantha Rose - Tibet - Hieroglyphics Puzzle Problem

[Post New]by avtslr on Oct 9, 08 4:43 AM
this puzzle is like the game of mastermind, you have to get all three spinners to turn green. Once this happens the second row opens up and so on.

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