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Africa Level 27 Flowers

[Post New]by smwood8 on Jul 30, 16 6:32 PM
What flowers for "Two are Unique, Three are Clones"?



Re:Africa Level 27 Flowers

[Post New]by WildCat_1988 on Aug 4, 16 11:39 PM
Just checked back in, been away. I wrote the hint for this in my Walkthrough, here's what you need to know:
"Upper left tier: all are same color (i.e., purple). Middle Tier: (from left to right) large flower beds to left, Teal to the left Purple to the right; 3 small beds to the far right all one color (i.e. yellow). Bottom tier: plant a Purple to the left, Yellow to the right."
This is the pattern, I hope this helps you.

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