No match for Kate No. 1

[Post New]by mary2303 on Feb 25, 10 2:31 PM
I have been looking forward to the sequel of Fix-It-Up since months and months, as it's one of the best games I've ever played. However, I have to say that it does not live up to my expectations. The graphics are by far not as high quality as in the first version and the design is messy. Fix-It-Up 1 also had some bugs, but the pictures were nicer (as were the cars). Looks like the creators of No. 2 had to finish it in a hurry and had less money to spend. A real pity!
I'll play it anyway, but the enthusiasm is dampened.

Anyway, have fun & swim along!

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Re:No match for Kate No. 1

[Post New]by Slavicdiva on Mar 7, 10 10:33 AM
I agree - the first Fix-it-Up was one of the most enjoyable games I ever played! The sequel, not so much.

I don't like that they've tightened up the gold timing so much as to make some levels unenjoyable - I guess that's my biggest beef. The first game afforded more latitude in the timing.

Maybe the third one will be a charm?

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