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Help I am stuck on the scales

[Post New]by lineck on Oct 9, 08 8:38 AM
I must be going crazy it is 1.40am here in Aussie and I have been at this for ages I cannot get the scales to work it says I need equal weights of three on each scale but it will only let me put one on each I know I need 11pounds on each which presume would be 7 1 3 and 5 2 4 but it will only let me put one on then says use another item HELP before I go crazy I am off to bed now , will never manage work tomorrow until I can work this crazy one out. Please someone, I just managed after ages to get out the maze, Enjoy the game it is getting harder the further on I go.

a nice change and not too hard, until Now

Thanks in advance

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Re:Help I am stuck on the scales

[Post New]by bfgAegean on Oct 9, 08 9:06 AM
Hello lineck! I think I can help. When you put down the first weight on each side, you need to place the weights on the sides of the first weight you put down. It might not be letting you place your weights because you are clicking on the weight you just put down. Try clicking on the space to the left and right of the first weight to place the other ones.

If it still doesn't work after that, I would recommend that you contact our Customer Support staff. They are well trained and very helpful in answering technical questions. You can contact them by clicking here or by using the Live Chat feature if you are a Game Club member.

Thanks for visiting the forums!

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