Shreveport, stamp album

[Post New]by pmiessler on Aug 1, 16 12:25 PM
I am playing on a Kindle Fire. In Shreveport, I have retrieved all items except the stamp album. I have the magnifying glass in the upper right circle. Every time I move the the magnifying glass down to the album, it moves back to the circle. I have moved it to every possible location on the album and it always moves back. I have closed the game. I have shut down the Kindle. When I go back in to the game, it takes me back to Shreveport, with only the stamp album remaining, and still the magnifying glass will not open the album. Help?

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Re:Shreveport, stamp album

[Post New]by rybo510 on Dec 17, 16 6:08 PM
I am not experienced in the game. I don't remember that unless you are far ahead of me. I hope find a resolution.

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