Can someone explain exactly where to position birds to carry off cats?

[Post New]by robindrake29 on Aug 3, 16 5:19 PM
Often I can place birds where I think they'll capture a cat, or place one across from where a matching egg is about to hatch, and yet the cat remains contentedly in place. What am I doing wrong?

For large cats that require three or four matching birds, cornering doesn't seem to work. Often while attempting to capture a cat that I know is hiding a key, I'll accidentally complete sets of birds around the feline, and they fly away, forcing me to start over with that cat. I've never yet managed to capture one of the jumping cats intentionally, though thankfully the abundance of chicks hatching will sometimes carry away the cat.

Can anyone help by showing or explaining which positions actually work every time to remove cats?

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Re:Can someone explain exactly where to position birds to carry off cats?

[Post New]by SynthpopAddict on Aug 3, 16 7:39 PM
For the regular cats, the walking cats, and the jumping cats, you have to put 2 of the same color bird onto 2 of the 4 spaces immediately next to the cat (up, down, right, or left but NOT diagonally) to carry it off. If X is a bird of one color:

cat X

is just one example but any combination of 2 of the same color bird on 2 spots next to a cat works.

The birds you use cannot be chained because the chained bird can't fly. The walking cats move one space any time you make a move that doesn't cause a match. The jumping cats hop every 2 non-match moves, so you have to keep track of how many non-match moves you made when trying to set up catching one. I often have it happen where I put the 2nd bird next to a jumping cat and have it hop off too.

The philosopher cats (the ones with the monocles) need to have 3 birds of one color put onto 3 of the spots immediately next to the cat, again none of them can be chained. The really big cats with the pistols on their belts need to have the same color bird on all 4 spots next to them to be gotten rid of (none of them chained).

Matches in this game don't have to be in a straight line of 3. You can make L shaped matches, which is probably why you are seeing birds fly off unexpectedly. Hope that helps!

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Very helpful answer (positioning birds to carry off cats)

[Post New]by robindrake29 on Aug 7, 16 11:43 AM
Thanks, SynthpopAddict! I kept assuming that diagonal cornering would work, and forgetting that a hatching egg is not yet a match. Perhaps I'll have better luck now with those dastardly felines.

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