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Error or bug in the game- or - intended game play>>?

[Post New]by juhuwoorps on Feb 27, 10 2:20 AM
Hi there, I hope it's ok to post here...If not, I apologize..and ask to please guide me where to make such a post..

The first level close to the end---where u give the ghost his treasures[memorabilia]-

Once you find the items..and they are in your inventory;

1 Ring
1 Broach

After you give him the one of the chests, the ghost tells you to go and look for pieces of his broken heart..downstairs in behind something..

Instead of going downstairs..to get the heart, I gave him rest of the items...in my inventory, with full intentions of going downstairs after giving him all of his items-

None the less...I rid the attic of the ghost-- I advanced to the next level--without having to give him his heart...and am now looking for a Yeti..

I pray it doesn't interfere with game play in another level...and you need the pieces of his heart to then proceed...>>?

Just thought I would let the gamemaster know..in case perhaps there was a mix up in variables..or it was intended gameplay
I pray i don't get to a level and need the heart..

Good game so far..!~

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Re:Error or bug in the game- or - intended game play>>?

[Post New]by Brenchin on Feb 27, 10 5:06 PM
Those were the pieces of his heart you'd found. I've played this portion twice and the second time I saw a task to "go show the items to Carlsford (or whatever that guy's name is) and if you do, he confirms that the ring was something that used to be in the wall safe. The items in the wall safe on the way to the attic were said to be where the rest of the heart items were, but you later find that the safe lock was broken and Mr. C put the stuff in the attic.

You didn't miss anything...

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