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People with storm clouds over their heads and trash

[Post New]by subiegirl on Feb 27, 10 9:50 AM
Hi there!

Does anyone know how the people get the storm clouds over their heads, how I can find out why they have them and how I can keep these people on my island instead of watching them leave? Also, I build trash cans but tourists still throw trash on the ground that I have to pick up. Does anyone know if this is a ratio thing- that I need a certain number of trash cans per number of tourists or something? Because sometimes they don't throw trash on the ground- sometimes they use the trash cans. Any help you have would be appreciated. I like this simple game, it's fun and a great way to spend a lazy Saturday or Sunday.

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Re:People with storm clouds over their heads and trash

[Post New]by player84 on Apr 3, 10 2:23 PM
Some buildings such as food venders generate more trash, placing more trash cans close to those buildings should help with the rubbish problem. I think the clouds mean that people are unhappy, probably because of the trash problem, if you fix that you will most likely get rid of the clouds. I believe that the info panel for each building tells you how much each building generates, it may be part of pollution. Planting flowers to keep the pollution low may also help.

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