help pls

[Post New]by sexyalan on Feb 28, 10 4:10 PM
i am on england 1 and i cant get to sell cars and and collect the wises quick enough pls can someone help me pls were i am going wrong i am struggling i have got gold on everyone upto that thank you very much i have been on this level 4 over 2 weeks now and still cannot do it thanks

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Re:help pls

[Post New]by Leaty on Mar 1, 10 10:21 AM
Scrap the broken SUV for spare parts, wax and sell your two working cars. Try to get a Wise as quickly as possible - you'll reach the 500k goal just with the 4 fully upgraded Wise easily.

With the remaining money and the rent from your upgraded Wise, concentrate on the 4 upgraded Wise goal - invest in 3 or 4 more workers to do so.
Don't buy spare parts, scrap a few cheap broken cars as soon as you need to and money isn't tight anymore.

For the sell 10 cars goal, just buy cheap working cars, wax them and put them up for sale. Once the mod 3 cars goal appears, add it to the next 3 of your selling cars too.

I just played through twice doing so and ended both times with more then 3 minutes left.

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