romancing the seven wonders:Taj Mahal

[Post New]by mikris23 on Feb 28, 10 8:32 PM
Please could someone advise me where to go next...I have completed the east portico, gatehouse & west & east paradise gardens...I am stuck in the fountain area!
I have completed the water whirls but now being asked to place butterflies on correct columns in the fountain to continue the game.
However, I only have 2 butterflies & when placed, the other 2 columns continue to sparkle & nothing happens...and tried multiple times to place on alternate columns but that doesn't work either.
I did have one butterfly fly away & tried to recapture it in garden, but couldn't. When I returned to the fountain scene, it had returned.
I am enjoying the game, don't want to give up...not my nature!
Thanks for any help, appreciate it muchly!


Re:romancing the seven wonders:Taj Mahal

[Post New]by happyhorse72 on Nov 7, 11 3:07 PM
Wrong game.

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