Can't Load First Stage

[Post New]by LdyMysteria on Aug 8, 16 10:46 AM
By chance, has anyone a clue why the game freezes during the loading screen when attempting to start the game? I shall be submitting an actual help ticket shortly, but I figured I would ask in the meantime.


Re:Can't Load First Stage

[Post New]by calculuscat3 on Aug 18, 16 5:07 PM
I just started having the same problem. I've played the game several times before, so I know it works on this machine. I updated my graphics drivers and did an uninstall/reinstall with no luck. I'll send in a help ticket as well, but I'm wondering why this is happening now, too.

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Re:Can't Load First Stage

[Post New]by dakotaz on Sep 23, 16 12:29 PM
All of my Gardens Inc games get frozen on the first Play screen now that I have updated to Windows 10 - is that when you guys noticed it, too?

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Re:Can't Load First Stage

[Post New]by kitbit on Nov 27, 16 9:19 AM
Any chance of a BFG response on this issue?

I've tried reinstalling the game - same issue as described above; game freezes trying to load first stage. Seems to be a Win 10 compatibility issue - will it never play on Win 10 or will we get an update?

(Checked all four games and is just the first two that are having issues - 3 and 4 are loading ok.)

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