How to win this lame game

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1st you have to look at 3 major resources:

a- Money
b- Wood
c- Stone

When starting out, money on hand is important for:

a- Hiring sufficient builders.
b- Purchasing enough wood or/and stone to get things rolling.
c- Repairing structures

After a certain point in the scenario, money on hand will no longer be important.

Your important sources of money are Dwellings, the Inns, A Store House.

Other very good sources of income are certain Tasks that comeup in the left hand window. These tasks are more like venture options. The best task to accept is building stone roads, it really increases your income. After that accepting a tax collectors option of getting more money and a local kingdoms request to buy some of your food production will help with the income. In some scenarios it’s a must to get those tasks early for rapid buildup.

After money the other important consideration is maintaining food, wood and stone production. Keep up with that. You also will need sufficient builders to keep up with the building requirements.

At some point you will need to build defenses to keep the attacking hordes at bay. Mage towers and the associated Mage Academy are the best defense. The stone Guard Tower defenses are also important which I will explain later. They must be strategically placed. Upgrades depend on circumstances.

Many scenarios will require attaining a certain population levels. Those achievements depend heavily on the happiness of your subjects. Those happiness are dependent on:

a- Food supply
b- Defense and security (note, the guard towers, even though they are not that effective, are a necessity for the happiness of your subjects)
c- Secondary buildings like the Inn, Store House, Well, Bakery, Mill, Library, Fire House, etc. Be aware that some of the building have negative income like defense and buildings like the Library.

In some scenarios, especially as you get to the last group of them, all of the happiness factors are important. If you don’t satisfy the subjects needs then no matter how many dwellings you build the population will essentially remain static as will the income. Take heed from your advisor in the lower right hand corner.

How you handle each scenario will come to you through experience. I was able to get gold awards for all the scenarios although some took several tries before I got the hang of it. And timing is everything.

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