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walkthrough ready

[Post New]by burkedd on Mar 3, 10 5:13 PM
Walkthrough for this game is at gamzebo if anyone is interested.

Happy gaming and enjoy.


Re:walkthrough ready

[Post New]by shorty1zero1 on Mar 4, 10 3:35 PM
do you know any sites with a pic or directions to get to Harburg through the Red rock pass?


Re:walkthrough ready

[Post New]by veronique875 on Mar 4, 10 4:04 PM
No, because you get to Stormbend through the Red Rock pass; you get to Harburg through the southern thais mountains.

From Thais follow the road until you get to a major left turn which goes south and then south east, and then up some steps to a cave. This is a small cave with only one way through that brings you out on to the southern mountains. Then you follow the path up and through another cave with rats in it; I believe you keep to the left and down and it brings you out still in the mountains. Then follow the road to the right, up a ladder where you see a sign that says Thais and Harburg. Now keep going to the right and you will end up in the woods outside of Harburg. Before you go make sure the MME is turned on at Thais and remember to turn it on at Harburg when you get there; it is in the lower right of the town.

If you are going to Darkthrop keep, follow the path through the woods [either way will get you there but eventually it is to the right and down].. enter Harburg, go down some steps and then up and to the right to go out of the city and Mel or someone will say they are on their way to the keep.

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Re:walkthrough ready

[Post New]by orchidna on Mar 6, 10 5:09 AM

There are annotated maps posted at the Amaranthia website, including a map of Red Rock Pass with the path through it marked.

However, Red Rock pass leads to the Stormbend and Witchwood areas. Harburg is reached through THial Mountains, Thial Mtn Cave System, and Shadow Woods north.

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