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Map continually disappearing

[Post New]by tillybaby on Mar 4, 10 7:19 AM
I've got to the part where I have to collect the holly branch - then the note says to check for new e-mail, it's about this point where the map disappears from the bottom. I' am continually saving the game just to get a tiny bit further on, then I do another task and the damn map has disappeared again. At the moment I've given up because the frustration is just too much but I must say up until this point i was absolutely loving the game.

I do know of one other person who's map disappeared but once they had gone back to a previous point the game was o.k. not mine I'm afraid. Has anyone else had the same problem?
Thank you


Re:Map continually disappearing

[Post New]by skyduck on Apr 2, 10 3:47 PM
Yes, my map disappeared shortly after the Holly Tree too. I didn't save often enough and now I guess I either have to do without or go back to the start of chapter 2. Ugh. Any solutions out there?


Re:Map continually disappearing

[Post New]by kazkaz1957 on Apr 2, 10 5:26 PM
Hi skyduck and tilly

Sometimes the map becomes deliberately unavailable (during animations or if you are looking at something in examine mode for example) but should come back later. However, if you have continued for a while and the map just hasn't come back then please both send me a PM then I can arrange to send you one of my glitch-free saved games with the map in place. If you are right at the end of chapter 2 then it might be a good idea to finish the chapter completely and I'll send you a save from the start of chapter 3. The map isn't vital to the game but does save a lot of going back and forth.

Best wishes

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