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League of Light: The Gatherer

[Post New]by bfgFlounder on Aug 12, 16 12:29 AM
From Mariaglorum, creators of the popular Mystery of the Ancients series, comes another exciting case for the League of Light!

After saving the Hunter and his son from a nefarious witch, you never thought you'd be back in Blake’s Mountain. Now the Hunter needs the League's help again – someone has been following him, and he fears for his family. But when you arrive to investigate... you're arrested for trespassing! Someone in town is impersonating a League of Light agent, using the cover to stalk and capture the Hunter. Can you and your little scarecrow friend track down the imposter and uncover his devious plans? Find out in this spooky Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

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Re:League of Light: The Gatherer

[Post New]by Fifiluna614 on Mar 22, 18 10:31 AM
I love this series! The story on this one is interesting and you keep moving along, never staying overlong in one area. The necessary objects and tools you find along the way make sense in the way they are used. The hidden object scenes are different and imaginative so you don't get bored with them. The mini games are the same as you've seen before and a couple are a little tedious, but there aren't very many of them and I just skipped the ones I wasn't interested in playing. The little scarecrow/imp helper isn't annoying as is so often the case.

If you enjoyed the previous League of Light games as I did, then this one is a must-have.

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