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Level 53

[Post New]by Godolfin on Mar 4, 10 11:02 AM
AAAARGH!!!!! I can't seem to get past level 53. They require so many employees that even though I clear the board I can't match enough hard hats. Any tips? Anybody? Anybody? Beuller?


Re:Level 53

[Post New]by rcarroll on Mar 5, 10 10:10 AM
The level with the crocodile in the background?

The amount of hard hats required is based on what exhibits you have purchased, so worst case scenario, you might sell a few and then buy them back later.

Some other thoughts:
- You might try turning off the timer (uncheck the timer check box that is on the level start screen)
- Making matches of 4 whenever possible will not only give you more resources, it also gives those on-token power-ups. Those are really valuable, especially if you make a match of 4 or with them [which will give you 2x or more their value!].
- Make sure you have the Volunteer power-up (you get it with the ostrich) as it is the on-token power-up that gives you extra personnel (hard hats)
- Purchase the Veterinary Clinic if you haven't. It will give you three times as many hard hat resources! (sell some other exhibit to get the money and resources if you need it)

Let me know if that helps


Re:Level 53

[Post New]by grandmakathy on Mar 6, 10 11:18 AM
Bless you! I've been doing the same level for three days now. I wasn't aware that you could turn off the timer. Soooo relieved now. Thank you thank you thank you.


Re:Level 53

[Post New]by grandmakathy on Mar 6, 10 11:19 AM
Oops sorry. Logged on under Mom's account. This would be Godolfin replying to your post. Thanks again.

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