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This one was really different. I liked it.

[Post New]by Seester2 on Mar 4, 10 12:54 PM
This one was like no other that I have played so far. It was really hard and I had to go to the walk through a couple of times to move ahead, but I enjoyed the uniqueness of it and the graphics were very impressionistic artsy. Very different kind of game for sure.

Orca Whale
Orca Whale
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Re:This one was really different. I liked it.

[Post New]by Belladonna32 on Sep 4, 10 11:35 AM
I've only just found this game, I'm probably too new to BFG have seen it when the DD offer appeared. However, I have bought and played two other Carol Reed games (Black Circle and East Side story). They were not easy but I really enjoyed them, Had to use the walkthrough at times but soon got the hang of the different style of play.
I'm going to buy this (even without the daily deal) and if you enjoyed it do try the others - they were great.

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