what a pile of crap

[Post New]by shazza71 on Mar 4, 10 2:05 PM
i uninstalled the game, waited over an hour to re-install and it say "unable to install",WTF is going on with this crap....


Re:what a pile of crap

[Post New]by carri333 on May 15, 10 7:52 AM
What a disgrace!!!!!The BIG FISH admin should post that this does not work before you have to go through the three hours of trying to fix this and reading TWO YEAR OLD post’s in their forum on this problem that they have failed to address. I have been a member and regular purchaser for 3years on Big Fish Games I have had this issue on more than one occasion and always with these games that you cannot trail first you must buy and never an option to refund. I will be looking elsewhere for a membership. I am over this!!!!! Very disappointed and I bet when I CC this complaint to customer support and technical support .... That I hear nothing. I note that your post didnt have any response do they delete these type of posts?

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