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Ticket stuck over portals

[Post New]by oliversgranny on Aug 13, 16 4:09 AM
Well, like so many here, I have sent reports till I am literally blue in the face.They are clearly not read as I just get asked over and over for my ID in the Game of which there is none and all sorts of totally irrevelant questions that I keep answering.
if they ask me once more why my email address is different when it is not and I keep prooving it,well gone past screaming on that one. so I will not be putting in any more Reports and queries till this Game is sorted
I have Portals that are stuck with tickets on their heads and many other glitches that so many are putting up with.
I worked for 2 days to gain resources to procceed past level 250 only to loose all I had earned and had to start again.
what a shame
And we just keep being told to put in reports
Nice little methat was challenging but way too glitchy


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Re:Ticket stuck over portals

[Post New]by christl17 on Aug 13, 16 9:39 PM
Hi Wendy,

You are not alone
. Read my (last) post "When you think it cannot get worse".
Greetings from a fellow-sufferer.


Re:Ticket stuck over portals

[Post New]by Mikestoker51 on Aug 15, 16 8:30 AM
Same here I can't get the ticket from my portal either. Says that I have to get four of the five crystals (purple ones) and have already passed that part of the map and beat each level leading up to it, all three of them.. Being trying about two weeks now and still can't get it.

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Re:Ticket stuck over portals

[Post New]by firekat7 on Aug 15, 16 10:36 AM
If you want to know how to prevent the stuck tickets and inaccurate goal for collecting one more crystal, read my post called "How to Keep Your Portal Crystals". Unfortunately for me, and for most of us, I didn't figure out how to get around it until it was too late for me.

Hopefully someday this will be a high enough priority to actually fix. Until more people play the game, it won't be bumped up the priority ladder, but fewer people are going to want to play when they find out about the glitches, so it's a Catch 22.

So sorry to hear about the repeated e-mail problem. How frustrating. They probably know your e-mail address correctly when you login and purchase a game.

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