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avcodec-52.dll error

[Post New]by DeeJays10 on Mar 5, 10 7:52 PM
I haven't played this in a while and when I tried tonight it gave me this error:
Cannnot find import; DLL may be missing, corrupt, or wrong version File "avcodec-52.dll", error 998

I do have that in the flolder and the date it was modified was 01/11/09 which is after all the fixes I have read about.

Can anyone help me out here, am I unaware of something?


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Re:avcodec-52.dll error

[Post New]by orchidna on Nov 20, 10 1:48 PM
I'm experiencing the same problem. I have Windows 7 Professional ... what is your OS?

Sorry, just noticed this was an old topic. :/

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Re:avcodec-52.dll error

[Post New]by bfgArnoStyx on Nov 20, 10 2:16 PM
Hey orchidna,

In case you haven't seen my response in the tech thread yet, please try re-installing the game after temporarily turning off/disabling any antivirus programs on your system. Here's a great help article with those steps:

Problem Downloading or Installation Failed

If you'd like more assistance, please get in touch with Tech Support. To do this, you can click on the green envelope to the right of the screen, and then click "Contact Us" (bottom left) of the next page to reach the online web form. To submit the web form, first click "Check for Answers" to visit the Help pages, and if you still can't find an answer, you will then be able to click the "Submit" button to send your ticket to our reps.

If you're a Big Fish Game Club member, you can connect to Live Chat for real-time support through your "My Game Club" page. Chat hours are Monday through Friday 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM PST.

I'm going to go ahead and lock this thread to keep all tech issues in the main thread, but please post any further questions here. Thanks!


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