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Word Monaco Comments and Reviews

[Post New]by genkicoll on Mar 6, 10 7:25 PM
What a fun game! You get dealt cards solitaire-style, and each card has a letter on it. Create words to pass the level. Try to use all of the letters to get extra points, and get power-ups by making (random) bonus words.

Not timed, which is a nice thing in my opinion. The tutorial walks you right through the different ways you can go about making new words in the game. Like solitaire, you can move the cards anywhere you need them, so long as they are a partial word, anyway - the words aren't locked in stone.

Very fun!

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Re:Word Monaco Comments and Reviews

[Post New]by Vanadvindun on Jul 31, 10 12:10 PM
I'm surprised that no one has reviewed this game. I LOVED this game! Solitaire and Scrabble put together. The first posting describes the game, so I won't repeat that here. For those of you who don't like cheating computers (e.g., online Scrabble), this is THE game to try! You don't play the computer, and there's no time limit on each level. 75 levels, and they get harder as they move along. It's just you and the cards. If you simply can't make anything of the letters that have been given to you, there is a RE-DEAL button. Good fun!

First-time-through Score:

I will DEFINITELY be playing this again!


Re:Word Monaco Comments and Reviews

[Post New]by pcooley on Sep 23, 14 5:37 AM
I downloaded the trial to be sure i wanted to buy it but it will not open in full screen ...even with full screen checked off in options. I was wondering if this is an on going thing

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